Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Batman and Marriage

So!  We went and saw Batman this weekend.  And we were kinda late!  I was totally expecting the theater to be packed, but to our immense surprise it was totally empty.  There were about fifteen other people there (more streamed in as the movie started), but still.  The movie was excellently amazing, probably my favorite out of the trilogy (which was already really really good, in my opinion).  I'm not a huge Batman fan (I know the basic facts), but this is probably one of my favorite movies ever.  Anyway, go see it.  That's all I'll say.

We're celebrating our second anniversary next week (I can't believe I've been married for two years - it's all gone by so quickly)!  It's been an amazing joyride, I totally love being married to my best friend!  We're going to the ocean to celebrate, which is super exciting since I haven't been there for several years and he's never been.  I love the ocean - water is so calming.  Plus, this is perfect beach weather (it's currently sunny in the high 70s)  I am totally hitting that pool for at least a few hours of swimming!  Here's hoping the weather is as amazing next weekend as it is this one.

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