Monday, June 17, 2013

Like exercise, it will get easier. Or you'll break something.

< Random whining > Oh Lord it is PAINFUL to get back into the swing of posting 2x a week (or maybe I'm just lazy... ... ... ... naaaaaah).

We installed screens on our windows!  (Though as I believe I previously mentioned, one ended in spectacular failure.)  I'm not sure why (perhaps the Laws of Home Ownership) but the first screen went in perfectly, which of course made me cocky, and then the remaining 3 laughed as I sweated and struggled to get them into the window frames without bending the daylights out of the screen frame.  What's the lesson here?  Never let your guard down around your home, because it will immediately find your weakness and exploit it mercilessly.

Ultimately the screens look pretty good (aside from the master bedroom one, which makes it look like we should have a car on cement blocks in our front yard).  And it's finally getting warmer, which means we can open our windows and not have a million billion bugs come in our home (if nature is so great then why is it always trying to get into my house?).

You would never know it, but this was 2 hours of work.

And yes, that is tape on the window.  My temporary (possibly due to temporary insanity from the heat) solution before we installed the screens was this:

(That's just a cut piece of screen taped to the window.  Yes, my neighbors love me.)


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

HelloooOOOoo! (say it like Mrs. Doubtfire)

Could it be?  After so many false starts (I'm looking at YOU, third week of May...) is it possible that summer is finally here??  Dare I hope?


So!  We've been busy... we tested our hands at installing window screens (one ended in utter and complete blazing success and one is totally worthy of Cheezburger's There I Fixed It), dug out a bush in our front yard and cut down the other four (if you don't understand why I'm very proud of that you have obviously never dug up a bush), pulled up a molding laminate backsplash (disgusting!) and of course, have been trying new recipes left and right (and left again).  Sunny weather makes me manic, and I will have to blog just to find a way to use all my nervous energy (I mean without exploding).  Updates are coming.