Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Painting and Office Rearranging

So yesterday was a productive day!  We finished painting our spare bedroom (remember that project from like 2 months ago?); I happened upon an extra can of paint in our garage and actually did a little dance upon finding it.  Yes!  Free paint!  (Well, kinda.)  Anyway the spare bedroom is now el completo, which is nice because now we can focus on getting the shade up and trying our hand at crown molding.  Oh yeah.  I'm totally there.

Since I was running around covered in paint I also decided to paint the bathroom (it's been sitting primed for a month or so; for me the hard part about painting is just getting set up.  Once I get started I'm fine, but actually dragging out the plastic tarp and taping things down just seems like so much effort..) The green is softer than I remember it, but I like it a lot.  Reminds me of mint.  A and I have decided we want to pull out that vanity (what is that little dangly part over the toilet, anyway?!) and put in a cream one with a matching mirror (still can't agree on whether we want rectangle or oval) with light purple accents (towels, soap dispenser).  Of course, the first step is just getting all the walls to match (trickier than it sounds).

We also rearranged our office, which always felt a little off (but since neither of us are decorators we didn't know how to fix it).  Turns out, it was the layout that was offending us - the computer was tucked against the wall and the drafting board was on the opposite wall, so if you wanted to work at the drafting board then look something up at the computer you had to do a complete 180 to look at the computer, then do another 180 to get back to your work.

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