Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wrapping up NaNoWriMo and Coming Attractions

November is coming to an end, which means that like it or not, NaNoWriMo is slowly but surely wrapping itself up.  I looked at my calendar today and was shocked to find that we'll be in December this SaturdayWhy do you always do this to me, time?!  In a lot of ways, NaNo has been a hassle: I've had to carve out time to write, had to devote more time and research to my subject (a ghost story), had to actually... you know, come up with approximately 2773 words a day (that's 50,000 words divided by about 23 days, which was what I was working with once we took out weekends, Thanksgiving and Black Friday). 

In more ways, though, it's been a blessing: I've been pushed and bullied and harassed (all by myself, the people at NaNo are nothing but kindness and light) but I've found that when push comes to shove, I am capable of writing a lot more than I previously thought possible (either due to fear, laziness or a combination of the two).  There is something inherently satisfying about hitting your daily count, sitting  back in your chair and looking at all those gleaming words on the page.  Words you summoned and arranged and sometimes had huge fights with.

With NaNo wrapping up I plan to return to posting weekly, I've been looking through my photos (that's usually how I keep track of what I've been up to in my life) and despite being locked at a computer for several hours a day, I've still managed to complete a few projects.

Some updates to come include:

- New appliances and fun with the in-laws
- New garage shelving and stockpiling
- Couponing success!  And Safeway customer service knowledge failure
- More attempts at more recipes
- How to sell a car and weirdos on Craigslist
- And more!

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