Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh blender!

I'm not sure if this has ever come up in any of our conversations but I have an arch nemesis - have I mentioned this before?  Earlier this evening I got a hankering for a Dairy Queen blizzard (of all things - something I haven't had in years and years and years!) and thought "hey, how hard can it be?  I just made an eggplant lasagna (super delicious!) so surely I could throw together some ice cream and milk with m&ms.  Plus, I didn't want to put on pants and go outside (in my defense it is 30 degrees right now...)

So I dug out some homemade ice cream and threw it in the blender...

Then added the milk...

Then added the m&ms...

And that's when disaster struck in the form of me poking a little too far down into the blender with the wooden spoon...

RIP spoon!!!
Yep, that's right.  I chopped up my spoon in the blender.  The little pieces around the spoon are what I dug out of our blizzards (obviously totally inedible... sadface :-( )

For the record, I've only done this once before with a spatula.  And DM and I were able to recover all the pieces so nobody accidentally ate spatula.  Except maybe me.  But that's okay, I've got a tough stomach.

So we're heading out to Long Beach next week, which I'm super excited for because I'm ready to go somewhere different and (will this make me sound crazy?) I like airports.  I think they're fun.  It might be because I'm a super planner so when the airport says "be two hours early!" I'm like "two hours?  Amateurs -  I was ready two days ago".  Either way, the point of this rambling is to let you know I won't be around after Wednesday evening until next week!

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  1. My wife did that with Pina Colada's once. I must have picked 5 or 6 pieces of wood out of my mouth.

    You got her beat though, she didn't get it quite that bad.