Friday, July 20, 2012

Thunderstorms, Slow Cookers and Air Poppers

We woke up this morning to a thunderstorm, complete with big fat raindrops and flashes of lightning.  I love storms, though I have to admit I love them a little less when it's 6 in the morning...

So since we have no oven (we're kinda ghetto like that atm), we've been relying heavily on our slow cooker to roast chickens, make lasagna and do neat tricks like chicken and dumplings.  Growing up my family didn't really use slow cookers, but I have to say I think they're pretty darned amazing.  Who doesn't love the idea of spending 20 minutes in the kitchen in the morning then walking away and coming back at 6 to a roasted chicken?  I was also recently informed you can do cakes in them.  Is there no end to their awesomeness?  Seriously.

In other news (this is a mostly food/kitchen gadgets related post today), I really really really want a salad spinner.  And an air popper.  The first one would be fantastic because, well, you know, then I could make my own salads (and possibly hash browns, which would just rock.  Why am I paying $2 for 8 ounces of grated potatoes again?).  The second is practically a necessity - we almost live on popcorn in this house (seriously, we bought a Costco sized tub of popcorn and it's almost gone.  There are only two of us in this household.  We have issues.)

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