Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dogs, Lawns and Laziness

I dropped the dogs off at their grooming appointment this morning which meant I had about 6 hours to kill at home by myself.  I've always lived in homes with pets around so not having any around is a weird feeling, the house feels way too quiet without the random snuffing, tapping paws on laminate and the flapping noise of shaking heads around.  I ended up mowing our lawn (which is seriously way too big for our little electric lawnmower) and then lining up the usual suspects (cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, etc) before lounging around for about an hour (sorry, I'm lazy!)

Have you met our kids?  We have three:

Eli is the oldest (and the only boy!) He's energetic, loving and is the definition of "happy go lucky" up until 8pm, at which point he transforms into a very grumpy old dog that doesn't want to play or be touched (seriously, just don't).  His head isn't normally this huge, it's just a bad angle and he's just been shaved down.  His big thing is to slap the ground with his front paws whenever you come home from work and he'll have a conversation with you if you start talking to him.

Chloe is our middle child and she's... different (that's a word you can use to describe crazy, right?) She's got an awesome bark that we've identified sounding most like "ARBIT!" and is bossy, stubborn and spoiled.  She's also the alpha (don't ask us how that happened) and is the first to eat, the first to get on the bed and the first to get up and run to the door in the morning.  She's aggressive to anyone outside of family (which scares the neighborhood children) and has an enormous snaggle-tooth.

Finally there's our baby, Bre (and yes, she's as derpy as she looks in this photo).  We theorize she must have been the runt of her litter and she's certainly the runt in our household; last to eat, last to get on the bed and last to

She looooves squeaky toys and is the least social of the three; preferring to sit separate from the family on the floor or on a pillow when we're all gathered on the couch.

Fun things Bre has done: tripped going up the stairs, gotten a bee stuck in her fur, tripped over the wind, tangled an untangle-able leash and gotten lost

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