Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We have tomato plants! ...apparently...

Summer always makes me want to do crazy projects like paint the house, recarpet and plant a garden.  We cleared out the old dead tomato plants but never got around to doing anything with our little garden box, so imagine my surprise when I went out there the other day and found what appear to be renegade tomato plants happily sitting in the bed soaking up the sunshine!

True story: I mowed the lawn about a week ago and thought they were very hardy weeds...

With my (very) rudimentary gardening knowledge I know they aren't supposed to be that close (there are about 5 in the top tier and like...13 on the bottom) but I feel so bad about pulling them out after all the work they did to germinate and stuff... plus I'm not sure which ones I should yank.  Do I go for the smaller ones?  It's the middle of July, if I pull the small ones will they have time to actually grow tomatoes?  Could I transplant those into a new container (I have some loose containers sitting around waiting for something to do)?  I've got this giant backyard and nothing going on it except for the garden bed.  I'm really not sure.  Someone help :-(

Hi cutie!

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