Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Microwave Baking and Home Improvement

I've really been missing my oven lately, so much so that this is beginning to look like a good idea... my only issue is getting my hands on a bundt pan that won't emit sparks in my microwave.  (Maybe it's a good thing I can't do this - could you imagine the damage I could do with cakes that can be made in 15 minutes?  I can feel my waist expanding from here...) I haven't done any projects lately so I don't have much to report I'm afraid!  You ever have one of those days where it's just hard to focus on anything, let alone summon any energy or enthusiasm?  That was my Tuesday.  I managed to make myself clean somewhat, but then spent half of the day asleep, and the other half in a stupor (I hate Tuesdays).  I think what I'd like to do is start working on the spare bedroom, maybe make it less of a closet (have you seen my spare bedroom?  There's random junk all over like a garage sale threw up in it).  Finish painting it.  Put some furniture in it (no, the ladder in there does not count).

I've been watching old cartoons, specifically Daria, and I'd honestly forgotten how excellent this series is.  Especially DeMartino, who I think any CSR will recognize as themselves (at least occasionally).

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