Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Ocean and World's Best Lasagna

So we took our vacation to the ocean and it was lovely.  We drove for about 3 hours to reach a small tourist-y town with approximately 300 hotels and one grocery store (these are accurate numbers); the entire town was small enough for us to walk around in one day.  Our motel was a little local place and to my immense surprise (having stayed there when I was a kid) our room did not include an oven.  Which meant we had to microwave our beautiful lasagna and watch it turn to mush (sadface... I'll be so happy when we finally get a new oven).  It was still delicious, just... ugly.  Really ugly.  We killed the day relaxing (I promised myself no timelines!), walking around the beach, walking to the grocery store up the street (that still had working payphones), and wandering in and out of the dozens of tourist trap shops (toy stores, souvenirs, candy and ice cream)... when we were finally tired of walking (from about 12 to 7), we came back and went for a swim (I love swimming), had our lasagna, wandered back out and had giant ice cream cones (I opted for mint chocolate chip and cookie dough and A selected birthday cake and rocky road... I really want to try making rocky road at home sometime, it can't be that hard, right?).  All four flavors were delicious (possibly made tastier by the atmosphere... I mean seriously, how can you not enjoy ice cream surrounded by homemade fudge and saltwater taffy?)  After that we wandered back to the room and promptly fell asleep (it was a big day for us).  The next day, we took a walk on the beach (did I mention the beach was within walking distance of our room?  So awesome!) in the morning when it was stormy and grey, and pretty much devoid of other life forms except for the occasional seagull.  The drive back was nice, though at the halfway point we hit the heatwave and I really really really (really!!) wanted to go back to the ocean (with its 60 degree weather...ahhh).

So the lasagna mentioned above was a recipe pulled from (you guessed it) allrecipes.com; World's Best Lasagna.  I concur with this title - this really is the best lasagna I've ever had (and that's including the fact that I had to microwave it because our room only came with a hotplate, not a full stove!) What I really like is the bite after each, uh, bite, something just a little spicy (I think it's the pepper!  Granted, I put a little more than the recipe called for in mine...) that brings your tastebuds to attention.  I love this recipe.  I am definitely filing this one in my own cookbook.

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