Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Zoo and Vinyl Decals

So our 2 year anniversary was yesterday (I love you, honey!) and A took us to the zoo where he first proposed.  We spent the day taking photos and wandering around lost, stopping only to eat a healthy lunch of bananas, peanut butter and Cheetos (I covered the major food groups - fruits, things you can spread on fruit and foods that are dangerously neon orange).  They've done a great job remodeling since we've last been there (though it also appears they're now remodeling other things); I'd forgotten how much fun it was to just go somewhere new and wander around.

I love photography; for Christmas A gave me a really nice little Canon to replace my Sony CyberShot that finally crapped out (and even then it was just the lens wouldn't retract, the camera itself seemed to be in fine shape beyond that).  I think it's probably because I love color, and the world is so full of it.  Especially at a zoo.

After we got home we ate giant slices of chocolate cake and gave each other our gifts, one of which was a vinyl sticker wall decal thingy in a super elegant script font.  Let me tell you something: if you want a home where nothing sticks to the walls then look for a house that has orange peel texture.  I don't know who took the industrialized size can of this stuff to our house but every wall has this thick, rough texture on it that makes it hard to paint, hard to clean and hard to apply things to (like stickers, for example).  We followed the directions exactly (peel off the backing, apply sticker to clean wall, scrape with credit card) and didn't get anywhere; it took us slowly peeling off the sticker bit by bit and applying it by slapping it on the wall, by hand, and then going over it with the credit card.  The end result is gorgeous, but was so much work I'm a little afraid to order those again (I wanted to put "Bon Appetit" in the kitchen but now I'm have second thoughts).

I hate you, orange peel texture.

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