Friday, August 3, 2012

Feist and Vacations and Moving

What a fantastic video.  The color, choreography and artistry is just to die for.  I'm a total sucker for good choreography.  Especially since I've now played Just Dance 3 and now have nothing but total respect for people who can move both their arms and legs in unison.  Jerks.  (Basic human coordination and I have never really been on speaking terms.)  PS. Total YES to sparkling blue jumpsuit!

The weather forecast this weekend is calling for sun and temperatures in the 90s (the highest we've had this year), which is fantastic because we're taking a mini vacation to the ocean on Saturday.  I'm super excited.  I started packing on Wednesday.  There is a part of my brain that reverts back to being 8 years old about some things (Disneyland, vacations, those over-sized rainbow lollipops).  I can't control it.

Yesterday I helped my sister moved into her new home, which is pretty adorable.  What isn't adorable is moving approximately 2048271456 boxes from her old home to the U-Haul, then out of the U-Haul and into the new house.  Especially when some of the boxes weigh as much as the person carrying them (I love you.  Please don't move again!!)  The new house is really cute with craftsman features like trimmed windows and arched doorways.  All the windows are double hung or have cranks, and there's new carpet (I want new carpet!!)  It also has a scary 1930s basement (you know, with the really narrow and steep staircase, unfinished walls, old piping and the beams all over and the furnace squatting in the corner).  The house feels very spacious and has a cute little side yard with a detached garage and gravel lot.  This reaffirmed my belief that I will die in the house I currently live in, because I am never moving ever ever ever again..

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