Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writing, Batman and the Cake Is a Lie

So when I first started this whole thing my initial plan was to write for 2 hours in the morning, then go about my day to give my ideas time to refresh.  However, I'm starting to find that I want to spend my afternoons (usually reserved for illustration) writing as well - which is awesome, because to me that says: progress is being made.  I am learning to write every day because that is what I am - a writer.  Which is pretty awesome.  I think it's important to chronicle your journey because there are days where you will wake up and go "I've done nothing with myself", to be able to look back and realize that you did is incredibly motivating, moreso than any book or TV program.

I tried scrubbing my kitchen floor clean today and found out how disgusting it really is (hint: very very very much so).  I kind of want to tear it up (seems to be just a sheet of vinyl) and put down Pergo, but I'm not sure how well Pergo would hold up to spills and certain people in our household (me!) dropping things on it all the time.

The Dark Knight Rises is coming out Friday!  I am super psyched - I think Catwoman is awesome sauce (though surely I'm not the only person who thinks she looks like a cosplayer...)

Finally, is this not possibly the most awesome site in existence?  Gourmet Gaming takes food from games and makes them real (ex Portal Cake, Rations from Metal Gear Solid,and the TF2 Sandvich).  Seriously those all look delicious.  Except that sandwich with cereal and turkey and jam.  That's kinda whoa.

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