Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Link: This is why I love the internet

Sometimes you just run into something so awesome it just makes your entire day a happy, happy thing.

Yes, it is a guy singing as Darth Vader.  Yes it is possibly the neatest thing I've seen all week (I don't get out much).
I've been talking with my husband and we've been discussing how we kinda feel in a rut - not relationshipwise, but new experiences wise.  We've pretty much stopped going out to eat, which was our "date night", but since I'm happy to cook (and we've basically agreed we prefer my cooking over restaurants anyway) it seems like we struggle to find new things to do.  It's not that there aren't tons of things to do around here, it's just that it feels like so much effort to get off the couch.  Even though me quitting my job to take care of the house has opened up our weekends to the point where  it's almost silly - there are no chores, no laundry and no projects to take care of - we're still hesitant to venture outside on the off chance that we "waste some of valuable weekend time".  I think my issue is that I'm still thinking like someone who is out of their house 50+ hours a week ("my time with my family is precious and I can't waste one single second of it").  Perhaps what I need to do is retrain my brain to realize that because our situation has changed (ie I'm home all the time now) it's okay if we try something new and it doesn't work out, because there will be the weekend after that.  And the weekend after that one, and the one after that as well.  Because the time that would have been spent maintaining the house and catching up on housework on Saturday/Sunday is spent over the week instead, which has given us back several hours of our lives.
So my goal this weekend is to do one new thing; go somewhere new, try a new food I can't make at home.  Just do something that will expand my horizons a little and show me that yes, it is okay to leave my house once in a while (but I don't wanna :-*!)

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