Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Resident Evil 6 demo launch

I didn't blog at all last week?  Really?!  Wow, well time flies when you're busy playing Resident Evil 6, finding lost cats and trying to install a television above your fireplace (more on the last two later)...

So!  We ran through the demo of Resident Evil 6 (due out Oct 2nd).  Then we thought about it.  Then we ran through it again.  Some initial reactions:

- is that really how their arms move when calling to your partner?
- Leon sounds like a creeper at some points (notably when saying "get back here" at the start of his demo)
- the game looks fantastic, graphics-wise.  This is (in my opinion) a step up from RE5, where Chris was shiny shiny to the point of being distracting.

I have to be honest, my first reaction to the game (back when PAX was happening) was... lukewarm.  I walked away feeling confused, a little frustrated and more like I had just played a round of Call of Duty, not Resident Evil (in fairness, I did play the Chris chapter.  My mistake, apparently.)  Having now played this game in the comfort of my own home (without judgmental gamer eyes on me!!) Jake and Chris have both grown on me, and I'm actually excited to see both of them (I think Jake wins out a little over Chris, just because Jake is such a heart-pounding adrenaline run... Chris is more of a run-and-gun thing from what I can tell).  Leon's is far and away the best scenario though, and I'm definitely the most excited for his game.

The motions are either really good (dodging, shooting, running) or laughably awful (calling to your partner).  I hypothesize (read: I'm hoping) this is because it's the demo version and things weren't fully tightened before this was released.

In celebration of the launch, DM and I have been running through all the main games in the Resident Evil franchise.  And by "DM and I" I actually mean DM plays while I sit on the couch and alternate between providing annoying commentary ("why is the kitchen down the hall and downstairs from the kitchen?") and falling asleep.  So far we've done:

Resident Evil Remake (Chris and Jill)
Resident Evil 2 (Leon and Claire)
Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil Code Veronica
Resident Evil 4

We still have some of RE4 and RE5 to run through, but I think we're gonna make it.  (To do this, it helps if the person you marry is insane and knows every Resident Evil game like the back of his hand and can run through them in his sleep...)

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  1. For your information dear wifey, I am not insane, I simply used my time wisely in High School!